A very demanding "two days" has just ended for the members of the Ligurian Delegation of F.I.S.O., the Italian Federation of Sport Orientation, this time not from an organizational or competitive point of view, but they have been engaged by the visit of the I.O.F. (International Orienteering Federation) designed to evaluate the Genoese candidacy to organize a World Cup event in 2024 (when Genoa will be the European Capital of Sport) and even the World Championships in 2026.

The international commission was composed of the Secretary General and C.E.O. Tom Hollowell and the Chairman of the Technical Commission Aron Less, who met with "ours" Gianluca Carbone (possible future Event Director of the events), Andrea Immovilli (Ligurian Regional Delegate) and Eleni Lutaj (who will take care of the Administrative Area).

Wednesday morning, after being received by the Regional President C.O.N.I. Antonio Micillo, Gianluca Carbone illustrated the general organizational structure and the programs for the years to come, including the side events, which will certainly attract a few thousand enthusiasts.

Andrea Immovilli instead told the story of the project: how the idea was born (thanks to Genoa European Capital of Sport) and how it has evolved and expanded in recent months.

Maurizio Cechini and Marco Midoro (President and Secretary of C.U.S. Genova) detailed their contribution: management and training of volunteers as well as the provision of numerous areas for organizational needs.

The National President F.I.S.O. Sergio Anesi then, after explaining how this candidacy continues in that organizational track of major events (World Masters, European Championships, World Cups) that is characterizing his mandate, illustrated the role, skills and support that the Federation will guarantee National to the local organizers, as well as the intention to organize the quadrennial General Assembly of the I.O.F.

Marco Caroli and Angelo Catanzano, "mind and soul" of SmartSport S.r.l. communication and marketing agency of national caliber (with presence, for example, in the professional world of Serie A football, basketball, rugby), they discussed with Tom Hollowell about the potential and that such an event could have, also in the light of the ever-increasing media response that these events are getting (the live television of the last World Championships in Sweden found one million contacts and a 20% share).

Stefano Bonabello (coordinator of the advanced training courses at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Genoa) concluded the first part of the meetings by illustrating all the possible collaborations and internships that will be activated with students of various university study programmes.

After an inspection of the Palazzo della Borsa, which will be used for various moments of representation thanks to the collaboration of the C.C.I.A.A. of Genoa, the working group was received by the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci (also in the presence of Councilor Vittorio Ottonello) who confirmed the interest and support that the Municipal Administration will give to the two events.

A little later a similar visit was made to the Liguria Region with the Councilor for Sport Simona Ferro who did not fail to express the interest of the Region in the whole growing organizational process that will begin next year in spring with the Italian Sprint Championships in Sanremo and Dolceacqua.

The first day then ended with a nice moment of aggregation where at dinner in the evening on the heights of Righi, a location specially chosen to give guests an enchanting view of our city, numerous Ligurian members also attended to testify their intention to participate to the organizational machine.

The second day was dedicated to inspections of the competition areas and arenas (at the moment still secret...) which also obtained a favorable evaluation from the inspectors both from a technical point of view and from that of adequacy for television filming.

This phase was coordinated by the future technical manager and course planner Alessio Tenani, already a professional athlete and technician with extensive international experience.

At the end there was a meeting at the Convention Bureau of Genoa (in the presence of the President Carla Sibilla) with a subsequent inspection at a couple of important city hotels.

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